Hi, I'm Kerri.

lifestyle and documentary photographer

I am a mother of 4 amazing kids, wife to a wonderful man and moment documenter for many others. I don't see things as always moving but instead frame by frame.

The Every Day

When I started photographing families I tried to get those mountain top photos. You know the ones? The ones with the wind blowing and the eyes closed embraces. But as I tried to get my own family of 6 to take those photos, I realized how not every family was made for it. My kids love to run, fly planes and dance around. They carry cars and rocks and random pieces of paper everywhere. So doing the stoic and still photos are just not possible. And then an idea grew inside of me. I decided to document those very things that I thought I found frustrating. And my unscripted, documentary leaning lifestyle photography style was born. I refer to it as " the everyday style". Because that is what is documented in a session with me.

In 2010 I met the love of my life. He was the most amazing guy. I fell head over heels for him and soon we were married. But with marrying him came the Navy. He had been enlisted for 4 years when we got married. 8 years later and we have 4 kids and have gone through most years of marriage being separated for at least 6 months out of the year. Pictures became the way that he could be involved in our family life while still being gone. I know how important the photos became to him and it made me realize just how valuable these frozen every day moments are. So I document for him and I document for my kids and I document for myself. And I take all of that love and value and I document for you. Because those moments matter.

But Why?