Raise your hand if you are an adventurer!

If you are raising your hand, then you are my people. If you aren’t raising your hand then you are still my people (I don’t mind doing all the adventuring for the both of us). I love to explore. I love to see new place and things and to go off the trail so that I can see the real nature. I will go on vacation without a plan and just walk around a random city to see what I can find. I try not to go to tourist spots (unless there is ice cream. I will always go for ice cream.) It is one of those hidden enjoyments that I didn’t realize before that would assist me in being a full service photographer.

How so?

Part of my job is finding the perfect spot to tell your story. I strive to find locations that feel like home for you. When we tell your story I want you to feel free to be exactly who you are without concern of onlookers. So the location matters because your comfort matters.

After the booking process is complete, we will discuss what kind of location you envision telling your story. If it is a location outside of your home, I get to work to create a list of options for you to choose from.  I search. I go on adventure after adventure. I search google maps and I practice at these locations to see when the best time to be there to avoid crowds and rough lighting.  And then you get to choose. I absolutely love this part of the job.

Over the last few years, I have been blessed to find a few spots that are secluded and absolutely stunning. But I won’t stop from exploring the beautiful cities that surround Norfolk, VA.  I am excited to continue to explore and to learn more about these beautiful cities that I call home.

Take a look below at some examples of a night out with a fellow photographer and my daughter. We walked around, studying light and taking in this amazing spot that was found on a random street by some random buildings. It was a little wildflower run area for kids to play in the perfect golden light. I cannot wait to go back for a session here.