When 2020 is referenced, many know what is going to follow. It was year that tested the whole world and caused us all to slow down and examine the way of life that we had. It caused everyone to make some kind of change.

In 2020, my family was not just hit with the pandemic but we were handed a horrendous underway schedule for my husband’s ship. We spent majority of the year apart as he quarantined on the ship before each underway. This was the life of the sailors for his ship during 2020. Unable to go home. Unable to FaceTime due to the lack of phone service within these metal cities on water. Unable to be present in many ways. Unable was word that described his ability to do much during that time.

I wanted to find a way to remedy this for him. This is when I realized that photography could be used to transfer home to the ship for Justin. And this is where the belief that the every day photos can feel like home started to grow inside of me.

So I started to focus my attention on that. I challenged myself to learn how to document these moments so that Justin could live them with us. As I started this journey I realized that these moments mattered more and more to me. Cason losing his first tooth, David laughing hysterically for no reason, my 3 oldest sitting on the front porch to eat their lunch and my daughter’s first time fighting with static hair on the trampoline all deserved to be documented. They are photos that may not wow the entire outside world but they “wow” my entire world. They are the moments that I want to show the attendees at my children’s weddings in 20 years because they show my kids as they are. The moments that make me feel that season of life every time I flip through them. I may have started to document these moments for Justin, but I continue to do it for myself.

"Photos that feel like home"

"Photos that feel like home"

So tell me, what is your real story? Is there a part of the day that you want to remember over and over again? Is there a moment in time that feels like home for you? Take some time today and study your day. Maybe it is the way you dog lays his head in the only spot of sunlight, or that little dribble of milk that makes it way down your son’s face as he eats his breakfast, or maybe it is just that little curl of hair that will just not cooperate? Step back and soak it in.

If you would like to talk about documenting these very special every day moments, let’s chat. I’d love to set up a Wildflower session with you.